Practicing Observation with Videos

Easy as 1,2,3!

These videos were filmed in a variety of settings, including California Department of Education (CDE) funded preschool programs. For each video, background information, a transcript, and evidence for the DRDP are provided.

Get will need a pen or pencil, a copy of the DRDP-K, and the Watch Me Grow worksheet.

  1. Select video and read video background and transcript.
  2. Watch video and record observations on Watch Me Grow worksheet.
  3. Reflect on DRDP-K measures and then view the chart, Measures Reflected by the Evidence. Each video clip could be evidence for the measures listed on the chart.
1. Jesse and the seat belt
2. Boy and rock in science center
3. Boy and paint bottle
4. Rebecca draws and writes sentence
5. Jose and the healthy snack
6. Riddle, riddle what am I?
Jose and balls